Welcome at our web-site !

«Andronikov & Partners Ltd.» is a team of professionals in different fields of law, accounting and IFRS reporting.

We offer a wide range of services in the field of audit, accounting, corporate finance, tax consulting, legal services and back-office administration in Ukraine and worldwide. 

Our strategy incorporates a simple, practical, collaborative and resource optimisation approach for clients' various business needs.


Why choose us?

We save you money! 
We save you time! 
We remove the hassle of administration!
We provide you with safe, confidentiality and professional advice!

«Andronikov & Partners Ltd.» carries out the services across a broad range of sectors:

Real Estate
Engineering and construction
Wholesale and retail trade
IT and communications
Publishing and Advertising
Other services sectors

Our clients are foreign and domestic Ukrainian SMEs and individuals.

Services are offered in English, Russian, Ukrainian and Polish.

Together with us you convince in success of your business!


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